Evolve or die. It’s a simple maxim that artists who have the wherewithal to challenge their
creative acumen choose to follow, while others simply stand pat and look to skate by on the
laurel s of their prior successes. Naturally, Nashville-based singer/songwriter CeCe Hetrick is
most decidedly in the first camp as she looks to springboard from the sonic coolness of and
warm reception to her prior indie releases with a brand new music.

“The new stuff I’m doing now is more, ‘Okay — let’s get a real. Let’s get honest with ourselves. Let’s talk about what’s happening right now, and what’s going on in
the world,’” CeCe believes. “The challenge as a writer is to keep being true to yourself and keep saying what you feel— but also come from a place of kindness.”

CeCe feels her rightful artistic position resides in being in front of an audience, any audience,
night after night. “I just want to get out there and play,” she declares. “Releasing new music and
new singles is great but, really and truly, people don’t get the gist of what I’m about until they
see me live. I feel like playing live also shows exactly who I am as an artist. And performance is
pretty much everything for me.”

What does CeCe want an audience to get out of attending one of her shows? “It’s nothing flashy— we just let the music speak for itself. As she forges her new artistic path with this upcoming series of fresh and exciting music, CeCe Hetrick feels nothing can stop her. “I just gotta keep going,” she believes. “And I feel like I have a lot to say, whether people want to hear it or not.” Not to worry, CeCe — many will be along for the ride for years to come.