Alternating between the sexy sultry sounds of the blues and psychedelic vibes of the 60’s, CeCe and The Bandits continue to create new music while keeping in touch with their deepest and dearest inspirations from the classics. This 4-piece rock n’ roll powerhouse band, CeCe Hetrick (vocals), Myles Baker (guitar), T.J. Birchfield (drums), and Parker Higgins (bass) are continuously exploring ways to bring back the music that once brought an entire generation together. “The most important thing about music is how it connects people to one another. That’s my main goal when we perform; I want it to be an experience and a way for the audience to relate to one another” (CeCe). With a passion for honest lyrics and dirty guitar licks CeCe and The Bandits create music that is far beyond ‘a good listen’.

 With their first self-titled EP, CeCe and The Bandits are intentional with their lyrics and aggressive with their sound. “It’s great to finally have something for people to take home after all the support we’ve been given.” (Myles). This 6-track EP starts with an upbeat and powerful song, and ends with a stripped down, acoustic song with intimate harmonies and lyrics. It is nonetheless a musical experience from start to finish.

 The members of CeCe and The Bandits met in Nashville Tennessee where they were each attending Belmont, studying music. It all began with CeCe and Myles, playing music for one another one evening at a friend’s house feeling an instant need for collaboration. That week, they began working together and creating music that relayed a truly powerful message for their generation. Later in 2012, member T.J. Birchfield and Parker Higgins joined the group to give them the booming sound they craved. CeCe and The Bandits began traveling to their hometowns and neighboring cities in the south, reaching as many people with music as they could. From Alabama to Kentucky to Illinois, CeCe and The Bandits’ sound demanded attention, and they received it.